About Us

Lauren and Eileen settled on Shamong for the place to live and interestingly, each decided to purchase a home that was in need of serious TLC. They are hard working women who are not afraid to get their hands dirty and tackle tough situations.  They agree that Shamong is a good place to live for the serene nature and farmland setting of the community. The “good neighbor, good friends” style of living. Lauren is raising her 13 year old son and Eileen has downsized due to life changes.

They are both curiously concerned as to what will happen to their chosen home land if marijuana is grown and/or distributed in our rural area while a $20,000,000 roundabout is built in a cross section of town along with a hastened animal ordinance that refocused the lifestyle that we love with our animals.

STOP! Marijuana? Round a what? Dead animals, all in Shamong?  Because of the current municipal government actions or inactions Lauren and Eileen are stepping up Instead of staying home. They know that they can work for all of us in making a responsible government and keeping with conservative views. They will listen to the residents that will help to provide a direction that is in compliance with the ideas of the community.

Effective use of our tax dollars needs to be addressed with the focus of maintaining a stable tax rate.  Creating the savings account for future planning of our common goals.  Status quo should not be the norm. Lauren and Eileen are eager and willing to work as hard for the community as they have worked for themselves.

Our Biographies

Lauren Smith

Born in Monmouth Co. NJ, spent 10 yrs in Arizona as a young child and returned to NJ, spending a majority of my life in Marlton. As a single parent my focus was on my only child Joey (12). In search of a place to raise my child I chose Shamong due to the sense of feeling safe, the serene nature of the town and the educational environment.

I work at Brightview Greentree Marlton serving and caring for the senior community. My boyfriend and I purchased the property of Shaun & Lisa Grovatt. We believe that working hard would pay off and give us the opportunities that we so desired.

Because nature is a large part of our lives, choosing the property has allowed us to raise ducks and our first pig. We love the life of the outdoors because we respect a hard-working free lifestyle of growing and living the land. I am proud to be a resident of Shamong.

I chose to run for Shamong Township Committee because I would like to see the town remain unchanged and committed to it’s current nature while exploring new ideas for the future.

 Eileen Carlos

My life began in Burlington County 32 years ago in an apartment in Mt. Holly. After marriage, we moved to Southampton where we started our family and a tile installation business. As a young goal-oriented couple we strived for family, friends and success. As the family grew, a two bedroom ranch became a two story four bedroom home. Later we purchased land and constructed a new home in Tabernacle. Today my daughter is 30 with my granddaughter, 6 and my son, 29. The family dynamic has changed but the goals have not.

As a young mom, I was involved in the classroom as a room mom while helping the PTA where I could. I took on multiple roles in the Education Fund in support of our schools. I assisted and supported the athletic association giving time and money. For adults I ran the Woman’s adult softball league promoting community involvement. Served a term on the Tabernacle Township Committee being Mayor in 1999. As a single woman, I purchased a foreclosed property in Shamong. It continues to be a work in progress while I complete each room but the challenge has been rewarding.

I was hired in 2003 by the Lenape Regional High School District and am currently the office manager at the Sequoia Alternative Program. In 2005 I was appointed by the State of New Jersey to the Burlington County Board of Commissioners serving as President until 2011. In 2013 I was hired as apart-time Certified Tax Assessor for the Township of Bordentown.

Proud member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary Post 2692. Involved in many organizations such as Alice Paul NOW, Burlington County Democrat Committee, New Jersey Education Association, Association of Municipal Assessors at the State, County (1st Vice President) and Regional levels