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Who We Are

Lauren Smith

Born in Monmouth Co. NJ, spent 10 yrs in Arizona as a young child and returned to NJ, spending a majority of my life in Marlton. As a single parent my Read more...

Eileen Carlos

My life began in Burlington County 32 years ago in an apartment in Mt. Holly. After marriage, we moved to Southampton where we started our Read more...

What We Stand For

They are both curiously concerned as to what will happen to their chosen home land if marijuana is grown and/or distributed in our rural area while a $20,000,000 roundabout is built in a cross section of town along with a hastened animal ordinance that refocused the lifestyle that we love with our animals.

STOP! Marijuana? Round a what? Dead animals, all in Shamong?  Because of the current municipal government actions or inactions Lauren and Eileen are stepping up Instead of staying home. They know that they can work for all of us in making a responsible government and keeping with conservative views. They will listen to the residents that will help to provide a direction that is in compliance with the ideas of the community.

Effective use of our tax dollars needs to be addressed with the focus of maintaining a stable tax rate.  Creating the savings account for future planning of our common goals.  Status quo should not be the norm. Lauren and Eileen are eager and willing to work as hard for the community as they have worked for themselves.


cell tower

Cell Tower

A cell tower application is currently before the Joint Land Use Board (JLUB) by Verizon.  Shamong Ordinance 2000-8 gives township property a priority for location.  This is

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What's Happening

Did You Know

Shamong is a name from the Leni-Lenape Indians meaning "Place of the big horn" for the abundance of deer.
By an act of the NJ Legislature Shamong became incorporated from portions of Medford, Southampton and Washington Townships on February 19, 1852.
Indian Mills, once known as the Brotherton Reservation, was named for mills built and operated by the Brotherton people who were converted Christian Indians.
Unincorporated communities, located in the township include Atsion, Dellette, Flyatt, Hampton Furnace, High Crossing, Indian Mills and Smalls.
A 1992 non-binding referendum gave voters the chance to consider renaming the township to Indian Mills.
Shamong is located in the NJ Pineland's National Reserve.

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